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Musics of all the peoples of the world resonate from the earliest of early times on every continent. Nowadays, those are artists whom have them sing, whom have bring them on internationals stages.

The voice is necessarily the instrument, the most subtle, the most rare…

For 15 events and 24 concerts, artists from Iran, Pakistan, Guadeloupe, Corsica, Benin, Basque country, Australia… will perform at the Alhambra and at the Studio de l’Ermitage in Paris.

The festival Au Fil des Voix is a booster, a meeting moment, a moment for sharing, for discovery. Coming to meet musics, listen, appreciate voices with so many differents accents, so rich of histories, this is what the festival Au Fil des Voix proposes every years in Paris since 11 years.

This year the festival Au Fil des Voix welcomes, January the 31th at the Alhambra, the 4 winners of the first “ Prix des musiques d’ici - Diaspora Music Awards “ initiated by the festival Villes des musiques du monde with the assistance of the Collectif Musiques et Danses du Monde en Ile-de-France.

Saïd Assadi, Artistic director

Philippe Krümm, President



To all of players of the festival : artists, audiences, professionals, journalists, partners, volunteers for you presence, your support, your enthusiasme and loyalty ! The 10 years anniversary edition of the festival in Paris represents 12 nights, 20 concerts and more than a hundred artists from 19 differents countries, whose creativity break down the barriers of the musical genres, the dialogues and the sharing between different cultures. 

« The Au Fil des Voix Festival dedicated to world music is distinguished by the quality of its artistic choices  » — Le Monde Magazine

« Every year, Au Fil des Voix Festival is back to illuminate the cold parisian winters. » — Les Inrockuptibles

« The brilliance of some of the most beautiful voices in the word. » — Télérama