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04 > 16 FEBRUARY 2019

Since the dawn of time, traditional music from around the world has resonated; first created, then travelling and sometimes transforming itself. Contemporary artists need to seize new opportunities, to appropriate them and to make themselves heard on international stages. Developing this idea, the festival Au Fil des Voix is positioned as an amplifier of these singular voices, bearers of a story, borrowed from a culture, an aesthetic, an identity and the soul of a particular culture.

With the increased standardization of contemporary music and the vast amount of musical creations growing each and every day, the festival Au Fil des Voix aims to defend musical diversity by offering more than just a concert : on stage, there are new encounters, sometimes daring, natural or unforeseen; transcultural dialogues, reflections of the artistic wealth of the world. For 12 years now, a total of nearly 237 bands, 1000 musicians from more than 65 countries and regions who can testify of the perpetual renewal of music and the great voices of the world, constantly in movement.

In 2019, for the 12th edition, the festival broadens its horizons by presenting 12 exceptional concerts: the opening night at La Cigale, evenings at the Bal Blomet, the Studio de l’Ermitage, L’Alhambra and the closing night at the Trianon.



To all of players of the festival : artists, audiences, professionals, journalists, partners, volunteers for you presence, your support, your enthusiasme and loyalty ! The 10 years anniversary edition of the festival in Paris represents 12 nights, 20 concerts and more than a hundred artists from 19 differents countries, whose creativity break down the barriers of the musical genres, the dialogues and the sharing between different cultures. 

« The Au Fil des Voix Festival dedicated to world music is distinguished by the quality of its artistic choices  » — Le Monde Magazine

« Every year, Au Fil des Voix Festival is back to illuminate the cold parisian winters. » — Les Inrockuptibles

« The brilliance of some of the most beautiful voices in the word. » — Télérama