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Wednesday February 05
20h30 Le 360 Paris Music Factory


Brasilian Music

Nicola Son, a French singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist of Armenian origin, holds his musical universe from the 5 years he spent in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The artist took the opportunity to explore the different regions of Brazil and its specific rhythms through his trilogy of albums. But he never got tired of the Brazilian universe. His new album "Piaf Tropical" brings together French and Brazilian culture by taking up Edith Piaf's repertoire in Brazilian Portuguese. These adaptations allow us to get to know the repertoire of the great French singer through another listening, while keeping the charm of French music and bringing to it the "balanço" characteristic of Latin music.

«From funk musette to dreamy samba, from Argentine strings to tropicalist dissonances, he draws the familiar and multilingual contours of a universe with tonic and dancing accents... . »