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The association will organize the Au Fil des Voix festival 15th edition between late January and mid-February 2022 in Paris.

The objective is to offer a nice visibility to the new projects of the artists, in connection with their discographic news. The performances take the form of showcases thanks to the presence of many professionals of the world music: each year, some 300 programmers (national stages, agreed scenes, municipal theaters, summer festivals ...) and journalists are present*.

*For physical edition. February 2021 digital edition had nearly 50 programmers and journalists in reduced capacity.

The principle of mutualisation allows the various partners (labels, producers and turners) to offer a Parisian production at reduced cost under professional organization conditions and promotion.

Conditions of participation

The projects are selected from artistic proposals related to a recent discographic news (released between February 2021 and January 2022).

Programming is provided by a programming committee, under the artistic direction of Saïd Assadi and festival director Céline Benezeth.

If the project is selected, a symbolic participation of the label or booking agent is expected up to 1000 € HT and a synergistic work between the label, booker and the festival.


I. Au Fil des Voix commitment

I. 1. Handling by the festival

  • Concert hall rental (including technicians).
  • Back-line, considered necessary for the show and validated beforehand by the festival stage manager.
  • Sound and light are provided by the festival management. If the artists wish to have their own team sound and /or light, the costs will be borne by the artist.
  • The artist's fee: 250 € gross (individual fee by artist on stage).
  • Accommodation for non-Parisian artists (one night), per diem on the evening of the concert (according to the current rate in the live performance collective agreement).
  • National transport only for resident artists in France.
  • Transfers (according to transfer plan validated by the festival).
  • Exclusive management of the disc sales area: the festival sells to the public, throughout the duration of the festival, the last disc of each scheduled artist (records ordered directly by the festival from distributors or labels. Please provide us the contact to the festival production).

I. 2. Communication

  • The festival manages communication (Paris, metro, stores, programs and flyers, web campaign ...).
  • The festival will provide each label and production the press review at the end of the festival.
  • In collaboration with the press officers of the labels, booker, the media promotion is ensured by the press officer and the communication service of the festival.
  • No video or audio recording is provided by the Festival. If you wish to record the concert, that need to be pre-approved by the concert hall and the fees will be at the charge of the artist.


I. 3. Professionnals (journalists et programmers)

  • The festival dedicates 10 seats for programmators and 15 seats for journalists per night for a better visibility of the artists.
  • The festival will provide each label and production with the list of programmers present during the artist's evening.


II. Labels, bookers and producers commitment


II. 1. Programmation

  • Do not program his artists in Paris and its close area (92, 93, 94) within 5 months, 3 MONTHS BEFORE the festival and 2 MONTHS AFTER.
  • A participation of 1 000 € HT. Payment must be made before the date of the artist's concert (upon receipt of the bill).

 II. 2. Communication

  • Carry out a synergistic work around the artists, as well as the promotion with their networks, the press officer and promotion manager of the artist being in close collaboration with the communication team of the festival and the festival press officer.
  • Allow the festival to use a title of the last album of the artist for strictly promotional use of the festival (digital playlist).

 II. 3. Supports and information to be provided before 1st September 2021

  • Provide at the time of application the technical sheet and the back-line of the show. Any exceptional update of the technical sheet / back-line must be sent no later than 1 month before the start of the festival. Any changes will be submitted for validation at the festival.
  • The communication form filled in with all the requested elements (in the annex).
  • The complete administrative information sheet (in the annex).
  • For European artists provide the A1 form (by 31st December 2021 at the latest).


II. 4. Information to be provided during the festival

  • Provide guests list 48h before the artist's concert, within the limit of the quota of places granted (10 places per group for the guests of the artists, 10 places per group for the programmers).
  • Send the set-list 48h before the evening of the artist's concert at the production of the festival.


Please be aware that an incomplete files will not allow the presentation of the artist / project to the programming committee.